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Collegiate Sports Requirements


Did you know maintaining a 2.0 GPA in high school is no longer acceptable for many colleges? Assuming the student athlete scored high on the ACT or SAT, most colleges require a minimum "Core" GPA of 2.3 to even be considered/ eligible to play sports at their university. 


Below are a few helpful hints and need to know information to make sure your child is eligible to play collegiate sports.


Need to know:


  1. PLAN- Meet with the guidance counselor and athletic director to ensure required classes are selected and passed to be in compliance with NCAA guidelines (See Eligibility below) starting as a 9th grade freshman until a 12th grade senior.

  2. REGISTER- Visit to register for the NCAA during the start of the 10th grade. Then register for Khan Academy to practice and receive tips on passing the SAT and ACT.

  3. STUDY- Continue to study for the SAT or ACT on until your scheduled test date your 11th grade year.

  4. SUBMIT- Meet with counselor and athletic director to submit final transcripts with proof of completion (Graduation Diploma) to the eligibility center. Retake the SAT or ACT if needed and make sure to complete amateurism questions prior to submitting them by April 1st of your 12th grade year. 


Helpful hints:


  • Make sure your child have and passed the required 16 core classes by the completion of his/her 12th grade year

  • To avoid becoming a non-qualifier or academic redshirt, make sure your child is in line with the *10/7 rule

  • The student athlete cannot re-take/ make-up any required classes during he/her 12th grade year

  • SAT and ACT scores are no longer combined to give the student athlete the best possible score

  • Take qualified extra summer classes or online courses to ensure compliance to the 10/7 rule or to become a eligible mid-year student athlete

  • Study earlier and often at


* The 10/7 rule states that the student athlete must have completed and passed ten (10) eligible courses before the start of his/her 12th grade year/ 7th semester and of those 10 courses seven (7) of which must be three (3) English, two (2) Math, and two (2) Science qualified courses. Any student athlete not in compliance with the 10/7 rule will automatically be red flagged as a non-qualifier or academic redshirt.


For more detailed information please click on the links below.



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