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Educational Plan


Over the years we're been asked by parents and players, which school they should attend for high school sports. A simple question most high school coaches are quick to answer for you by assuring you their school is the best one for you. We have found there is no best answer to that question. Knowing what high school is best for your child have many different variant to consider like, location, curriculum, school size, etc. However, we have put together a few helpful ideas and questions to consider while making a better high school selection, not only for sports influence purposes but for academics as well.


  • Does the school participate and accept duel enrollment

Duel enrollment is a great opportunity for your child to take college courses while earning both college and high school credits.

Most schools that participate in this program have funding to pay for the classes so there's no to minimum out of pocket cost.

Ever heard of the saying, "kill two birds with one stone" for an example if your child take a college English course and past, that will count towards high school credits as well. Early college is another great program, click on the links below for more information.




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