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Wrestling on the Mat



Our program is  for youth wrestlers and athletes who want to take their wrestling and athleticism to another level. The sport of wrestling is challenging. It builds resiliency on the mat and in life. By training as a team and competing as individuals, wrestlers must accept their defeat as their own, while striving to push teammates to reach new levels of ability. Wrestling builds character. More than that, it also builds complete athletes with skills which help them increase performance in virtually all other sports. Body weight and core strength conditioning and training including our gladiator wall, rope climbing, pushing and pulling weight sleds and tire flipping as well as unique wrestling techniques are sure to help our wrestlers and athletes excel to a higher level.

Our goal as an organization goes beyond training. We are dedicated to teaching the value of teamwork, hard work, and mental toughness. Beyond that, we believe that we are not just about what we do on the mats, but who we become on and off the mats. We look forward to developing stronger tougher athletes physically and mentally however, we enjoy navigating them to becoming a better person in life!

Practice is only three (3) times a week with the season starting in November.



We Offer Three different Age Groups:

  • 10U    Ages 9-10yr old, Roster limit of 12

  • 12U    Ages 11-12yr old, Roster limit of 12

  • 14U    Ages 13-14yr old, Roster limit of 12 

NOTE: 10U has 15 weight classes from 50lbs to 175lbs.

12U has 15 weight classes from 60lbs to 205lbs

14u has 18 weight classes from 70lbs to 260lbs

Please click below for our NO COST Pre-registration for the 2023 season.

Registration Includes:

  • Uniform 

  • Head Gear Rental

  • Awards

  • Mouth Guard 

  • Water Bottle

(586) 307-5818
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