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Energy Chews

Energy Chews

$15.99 Regular Price
$14.39Sale Price
Through a unique and proprietary blend of natural energy boosters, IDLife’s Energy is a 20 calorie nutritional supplement that provides up to 6 hours of sustained energy without the jitters, over-stimulation, or crash experienced with other energy products that helps you get through a tough training session, provide a quick pick-me-up during a slow afternoon at the office, and support a balanced diet. Energy was designed to be the solution for our fast-paced world that saps our energy and leaves us exhausted which leads to poor weight management, mental and physical stress, and a loss of productivity. Energy comes in natural mixed berry and orange flavors that allow you to refuel to keep your body performing at its peak no matter what life may throw your way.* the IDLife Energy Chew is the answer! Our Energy Chews contain a safe complex of nutrients that support energy and increase mental clarity while making you feel great!*
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    10 Energy Chews in chocolate flavor.

    Whether you need a pick-me-up for a special event or a pick-me-up to get you through the middle of the afternoon, IDLife Energy Chews contain a natural, safe complex of nutrients that support increased energy and mental clarity.
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