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Why does Hydration matter?

Did you know that thirst is your brain’s way of telling you you’re not drinking enough water? As such, when you’re thirsty, you’re already slightly dehydrated, meaning your body is low on the water is needs to function properly. Few people know about the health risks associated with chronic or acute dehydration, which can include:

Nausea and constipation
Headaches and dizziness
Poor regulation of blood sugar and insulin levels
Muscle fatigue, spasms and cramping
Reduced energy and brain function
Cardiovascular and circulatory stress
Prevention is the best treatment to dehydration. Hydrate keeps your body operating at peek performance by combating the risks associated with dehydration.
  • Details

    1 Pack containing 30 sticks of Hydrate in Fruit Punch flavor.

    When you are thirsty, you’re already slightly dehydrated, and your body is lacking the water it needs to function properly. Hydrate delivers a carefully researched blend of vital electrolytes, antioxidants, MCT’s, vitamins and minerals to protect the body from the harmful effects of dehydration.
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